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1 hour ago, BuffaloWings said:

Thank you, I understand the differences. Just curious why one would be choose over the other and vise versa in different scenarios. 

They each have their pros and cons. In the real world, most steam power plants have a combination of both.

Here's something I found in one of my thermo textbooks, which explains the pros and cons better than I ever could:


Open feedwater heaters are simple and inexpensive and have good heat transfer characteristics. They also bring the feedwater to the saturation state. For each heater, however, a pump is required to handle the feedwater. The closed feedwater heaters are more complex because of the internal tubing network, and thus they are more expensive. Heat transfer in closed feedwater heaters is also less effective since the two streams are not allowed to be in direct contact. However, closed feedwater heaters do not require a separate pump for each heater since the extracted steam and the feedwater can be at different pressures. 


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