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I'm starting to get COVID meme anxiety. As in, I've been wanting to get this thread back on the right track, but I haven't found any recent COVID memes that meet my high standards!

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Both my parents ended up getting COVID. My mom had only minor symptoms, but my dad ended up going to the hospital. The day after my wife and I got home from the hospital with our new baby, my mom call

sorry millennials

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What I imagine is going on at the hospital...

"I have the china virus. My doctor, he's a really great guy, said this the worst case he's ever seen. I'm doing great, though. Recovering very, very quickly. Probably the fastest recovery they've ever seen. Much quicker than other patients. Believe me, we're going to take care of it. The incredible men and women here, they actually said they may have to take samples of my blood to figure out why I'm recovering so fast. Who knows. I don't know. You never know. Chinas going to pay. It's going to be a lot of money. A lot. Billions and billions."

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On 9/30/2020 at 3:51 PM, Chattaneer PE said:

The real truth is, I just don't trust people that use double spaces after a period. ;) 

Well with me, double space is just my poor typing skills, not intentional

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11 hours ago, Platypus Engineer said:




Luckily Trump has prioritized the development of a vaccine. But will he get any credit for that? Of course not. 

The scientists' "focused approach" includes a focus on protecting the most vulnerable while allowing most Americans who are not at risk of severe illness to go about their daily lives and develop herd immunity. In other words, the exact opposite approach taken by Gov. Cuomo (D-NY). 

And will Trump or conservatives get any credit for being ahead of the scientists on the lockdowns? Of course not.


How about this instead...



The message from the article is that health measures which involve strict personal hygiene, effective contact tracing and isolating when ill are the essential measures to be taken.

"Public health services are organised to offer locally-integrated support for interrupting transmission and suppressing clusters," he wrote.

"This means test-trace-isolate-protect services everywhere, with clearly justified performance metrics.

"It is important there is enough testing capacity to pick up where the virus is, to detect spikes and manage surges.



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Was talking to my doc neighbor over the weekend and he was telling me this:

To date, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared only 2 diseases officially eradicated: smallpox caused by variola virus (VARV) and rinderpest caused by the rinderpest virus (RPV).

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