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Structural PE failed second attempt

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First 2 times I did self study next time I am planning to take review course. Could you please let me know what would be good course for structural depth? My score is 44/80 AM- 29 PM-15. I really need to work on my pm. What course would be best? Really hope this time I pass.

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Guest biffnater

Know the aci concrete manual ... Aisc steel manual As much as possible. And quickly able to look in right spot.   Other than that it is more like code and concepts in my opinion ...edit oh and the nds manual.   Bring that and know your away around it too

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From my experience writing the 2019 October PE Civil Structural, the School of PE notes I had was a good "refresher" for the AM but was utterly useless for the PM so I wouldn't worry about a PM review course IMHO. Full disclosure: I am a Canadian with negligible experience using American codes although all I find all structural codes are organized similarly. 

There is simply too much material over the 9 design codes NCEES requires for these companies to produce a reasonable review course. My suggestion is to become familiar with the design codes and have ALL of them with you. There were a bunch of problems on this test in subject matters I have never encountered before in my 5 years of working experience. In those cases I would find a key word(s) from the question (i.e. foundations, development length, weld size, torsion, concrete cover, etc.) and go to that design code's index, find that word, and go from there... a lot of page flipping but more often that not it led me down the right path.

I was fortunate to pass this test on my first try but I'm sure if I wrote this test 100 times I would pass 50 times or less... 

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