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Failed first attempt Civil: Construction - 42/80 Breakdown: AM: 21/40 PM: 21/40

It's probably more like 52-56. The problem we run into on here is small sample size. There should be about 693, people who failed the Civil: Construction exam, this cycle, and we've heard from li

I didn't think this thread would be helpful, but it helps to see that all is not lost. I can create a redemption plan from this information

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16 minutes ago, civilrobot said:

Failed first attempt

Civil: Construction - 42/80


AM: 21/40

PM: 21/40

You got this on round 2 @civilrobot. My first attempt was...31/80. Felt like an idiot, but you are so close!

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I hope you're not looking at me to help with the analysis!

Every exam (AM/PM combo) in every discipline in every administration has a different cut score. If you get a big enough sample size of reported failing scores for a given exam, you can figure out the cut score by finding the threshold where you stop seeing failing scores.

The trouble is that the sample size is often small, and the highest reported failing score may only have n=1, and that number could be something low like (pulling this outta nowhere) 46. Obviously the cut score isn't 47. But people delude themselves into thinking it is.

Now if you see a bunch of (again outta nowhere) 53s in (randomly selected) MDM, then yeah, a 54 seems legit.


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56 minutes ago, jean15paul_PE said:

No, you do SO MUCH already. I'm not asking for you to add any more to your plate.

But I figured you know what usually happens around here. I may not seem like it, but I'm still pretty new around here :D

Jean, I've never seen anyone compile a table or chart of cut scores on the Boards. Justin of EngProGuides collects scores but thats typically only from people who have purchased stuff from him so its even smaller sample size

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Also, if theres anyone who wants to provide their score to help determine cut scores but doesnt want to share publicly, feel free to PM and i can share anonymously for you (plus offer up my condolences, I've failed 6 times and I'm waiting for results now)

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