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@KQ333 I didn’t pass survey today either... I got marg,def,pro, def. I pretty much did EET a lot and a little reza mahallati(hardly anything tbh) his book.... I think EET is great but you really need to pay attention to details in the book so that’s my plan this time around when I take it. Reza is a little confusing but everyone seems to pas with it. What was your breakdown 1-4 sections?

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I think Reza is still the best single book for Survey, because it covers most of the current exam spec. I did find his book lacking in the details and have supplemented it with other available sources when I passed it. The first time reading thru Reza text also confused the hell outta me, but at the end of the day it's just geometry. If you think his solution is cumbersome/ineffective, find a simpler and easier way to get to the same answer.

Do as many problems and as many times as you can to the point that you don't have to think to get thru it, because there won't be time to figure anything out in the exam. So, either you have seen it before and immediately know how to solve it, or find a way to make an educated guess then move on. Regarding practice exams, try to get your hands on PPI, PE Prepared, Mansour, CPESR as well.

p.s. No one should abandon their California PE Civil license because of Seismic and Survey (obviously), brush yourself off and just keep giving it your best shot.. They are not super difficult, but you gotta master time management. Maximum effort!

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I'm about to finish up Reza's course now and it definitely helps.  I read on a different thread to attempt the problems on your own first then sit through the course. Also recommend doing that, I was basically pulling my hair out with frustration after first going through his book, but after sitting in his lectures he does a pretty thorough job of explaining everything.  He also admitted that some of his problems are harder than the exam and in the course advises you which problems to focus on.

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On 12/12/2019 at 3:09 PM, ThePEmaster said:

@PEmonster thank you so much for this post... i also am taking his course on demand starting this monday... hopefully we pass? I did EEt first time but didnt pass and i knew EET well

Sorry to hijack the thread. 

ThePEmaster... I signed up to take Surveying Review through EET.  How did you prepare using their review videos, workbook, and practice exams? Any things you would have done different to ensure you would have passed using their review?


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My recommendation would be too really understand their problems conceptually and not get caught up doing too much of the repetitive problems. For me personally I knew them very well yet I came up short probably 7-10 questions of passing I would say. I think if you know EET perfect you can still pass but the room for error is low. I just did the class the way they ordered it exactly then did the problems 2 times. The class is great for conceptual type questions but mathematical is kind of bland now they I am doing Reza it seems a lot better

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