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yes, officially!                                   for April 2019 and any time prior to that.

Why is everyone freaking out? I already got my results!

every year NCEES will release the notice on Dec. 5th, tomorrow is deadline to know the results. good luck.

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I was so glad I checked out of here till a friend from college told me that Florida was going to release the scores at any moment. 

I know I would of had zero productivity had I knew the scores were going to be released in a day or 3 or week. lol 

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3 minutes ago, SB_VA said:

Is this a sign of upcoming release? 😂


I mean... It's a sign that people think there's an upcoming release. It gives no indication as to whether they're right, or not. 😉

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I seriously feel I could study for the exam again if I do not pass but I don't think I can take this wait period anxiety again. I don't even know why I am so anxious. It has no bearing on my current position at work. This board has been very helpful for my therapy though. Seeing others in the same boat as I am has been comforting. I just hope the results are out this week. 

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On 12/3/2019 at 9:51 AM, PEstruc said:

This is my second time waiting for results on EB... I told myself I wouldn't be glued to the forum hitting refresh in every results thread.  Welp, so much for that plan.

same here but I haven't logged in NCEES after the exam........Just don't want to stress myself anymore. 

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15 minutes ago, JayKay PE said:

Eh, prob coming out the 18th due to the holidays and such.

.. I don’t get the logic here. The same holidays occur every year between the test and the results? 

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1 minute ago, WaitingonResults said:

in 2013 the exam was the 25th and Thanksgiving was the 28th.  Results were released 12/4.

Didn't you ask this already in another thread?

There wasn't the need for a cut score meeting in 2013.

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8 minutes ago, ZGL said:

They did have 4 weeks to work after the test and before thanksgiving week, just saying.

and just sayin' the results are gonna come out whenever NCEES sees fit. They have to schedule meetings around the holidays and not be dicks to people with families. 

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1 minute ago, HopkinsReb said:

Lots of the test takers have families...

yes and?


NCEES needs to coordinate 20+ people in the Controls sector to come discuss a cut score. Folks with families, full jobs, part time jobs, volunteer gigs, etc. On top of the holidays. This shit takes time and a lot of coordination. 

I get that the wait is frustrating, believe me I do. This is my 7th time taking the test. My 7th waiting period. 

The results aren't going to be released with a snap of a finger. They quote 8-10 weeks because of cut score meetings, because of investigations due to cheating or messed up exam questions (here's looking at you Oct 2019 Power PE). There is a lot that goes into grading these tests and keeping the standards of our profession up. Historically they do release "early" but banking on a release a 40 days is going to lead to a lot of heartache. It's hard not to hold onto the historical data, I'm guilty of it too

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28 minutes ago, LyceeFruit said:

Thanksgiving was later this year

But it still fell between the test and the release.. They had exactly the same amount of time to review as they did in the previous years as.. That would be like saying well I took of Wednesday instead of Thursday last week therefor I'm not going to hand in my estimate until a week later.. no logic.  

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