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Practicing and preparing is key to passing the PE Civil exam. School of PE has some exam tips that will help you pass the exam and begin your career as a professional engineer.


1. Schedule Study Time

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are prepared for the exam is to create a study schedule. Dedicating a set amount of time each day for exam review will allow you to make consistent progress in your preparation. Even 15 minutes per day can keep you focused on learning all of the material you need for the exam.


2. Exam Reference Materials

Create a binder with color-coded tabs and fill it with essential reference materials so you can promptly access any information you need during the exam. You do not want to waste valuable time searching through excessive material you brought to the exam.


3. Engineering Math and Calculator Functionality

Take time ahead of the exam to make sure your calculator is NCEES approved. Consider taking a refresher course on calculator functionality to ensure you are prepared on exam day. Also, consider taking a basic engineering math course to make sure you have mastered the fundamentals.


4. Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is a crucial part of preparing for the PE Civil exam. Getting a full night’s rest the night before will boost your concentration during the eight-hour session, lowering the risk of losing focus and performing poorly.  


5. Take a Review Course

Even when the exam date is approaching, there is still time to attend a review course. School of PE offers a Bootcamp OnDemand review course to give students relevant materials and valuable resources in a time crunch.


School of PE hopes you find these tips useful. Check out our review courses to take your studying efforts to the next level.

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