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Optimizing Side Entry Garage Driveway

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We are looking to gain a backyard by moving our driveway which goes to the back-facing garage now. This new driveway would work with side-facing garage door. We want to move the garage door to the left side and enter from the left. I've included my survey and the proposed driveway however it is not optimized for maneuverability. I wanted to get a brief consultation on how to optimize the driveway design. Thanks.

I've attached the proposed rough idea.  Please let me know what measurements to consider and what adjustments we need to make to allow for more maneuverability. thx

InkedZ5 Relocated Driveway 20190829_LI.jpg

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very interesting, I think for that you should ask the help of professionals for that.  I am making repairs in the house and I want to make the interior doors in the living room to save money. I think a few of your tips will be useful to me, thank you. I also need to redo the door that connects the living room to the back yard. Some friends have suggested me to check patio doors , as I saw they have really good and stylish doors... I have ordered the doors from them and my wife is very happy.

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