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I'm curious too.  I have the "Power Full Exam."  It's one of the better ones out there, in my opinion.  I would also like to know what's different in the "Final Exam".

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Justin details their content as the same:

  • Test yourself in all the Power PE Exam topics
  • Measurement & Instrumentation (4 of 80 problems)
  • Applications (8 of 80 problems)
  • Codes & Standards (12 of 80 problems)
  • Circuit Analysis (9 of 80 problems)
  • Devices & Power Electronic Circuits (7 of 80 problems)
  • Rotating Machines (8 of 80 problems)
  • Electric Power Devices (8 of 80 problems)
  • Transmission & Distribution (11 of 80 problems)
  • Protection (13 of 80 problems)

Difference on the "Final Exam" spec page: Updated based on input from April 2019 examinees. 


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There's a section further down on the site that lists the 'full power PE package' and from that it isn't clear to me if/how they are different. I'm sure Justin will weigh in though!

Supplemental Power References Exam 40 supplemental questions that specifically test NEC® and NESC® code problems. 
Power Full Exam Over 80 practice exam problems at the closest level of difficulty to the actual exam. 
Power Technical Study Guide Learn all the key concepts and skills necessary to pass the PE exam. 
Power Final Exam Assess your level of preparedness with the final exam. Compare your preparedness with others. 
Online Power PE Course Ensure your success by learning the key concepts and skills, important test taking skills and code navigation skills. (Includes all above products for free)

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Sorry for the delayed response. I use the final exam in the last four weeks of my class. We do a simulated exam broken up into 4, two hour sessions. The problems are different from the full exam. The full exam is used during the first 8 weeks of the class.

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