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1 hour ago, JayKay PE said:

Like, that is way over my head.  Being able to actually keep tack/manipulate your calories and diet like that.  That's where I want to be!  To understand my diet well enough that I can increase muscle mass while keeping the same calories or something like that!  I'm going to start reading and poking my gym instructor to see what he thinks (but only after I've worked out a bit more and increased my stamina).

I used to not keep track. Back in 2017 I was working out, and I thought I knew what I was doing; I had the required protein shake immediately after each workout. However, that was the extent to which I paid attention to my diet. Then my lifts eventually stalled and I stopped working out. Then I started to understand the importance of my diet and after I started eating right, I started working out again blew past my stalled PRs. I started a thread so everyone and share knowledge, resources, and whatnot.

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1 hour ago, leggo PE said:

I appreciate that! And I'm sorry you're now dedded. But hey, you can hang out with me and the other cool kids who are also dedded! There are a lot of us.

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2 hours ago, Roarbark said:

Yeah, diet supposedly makes a much bigger difference than exercise. make sure there are only healthy snacks available (fruit, nuts, idk what else). Family can hide the unhealthy ones.

Fitness (i.e. muscular strength, flexibility, cardio health) happens in the gym

Weight loss happens in the kitchen

Healthy is a combination of both.

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5 minutes ago, LyceeFruit PE said:



5 minutes ago, NikR_PE said:

congrats. Time to add PE after your name. I mean IRL

I initially added PE after my name on LinkedIn. But after looking at the profiles of engineers that work for NCEES, I reluctantly changed it to P.E.

I didn't bother adding it to my email signature because it's not required at my work and most other PEs at my company don't list it. So probably no new business cards. But it will be there whenever the next time is I update my resume.

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15 minutes ago, chart94 said:

only downside to decoupled states! two more years for this guy... but at least the hard part is done already!

True - I'm working on my record now, and it's a total pain in the ass. 

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1 hour ago, LyceeFruit PE said:

I will when im at work tomorrow (i took today off to get over my cold)

Still can't believe all you guys voted her off.  Shame on you!

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