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Final tally:       The crew has all landed at Logan Airport in Boston and they are ready to make the drive up 95 for their Maine Vacation - it is Vacationland afterall. @Jay


“18 beautiful contestants.   “18 wonderful dates. “18-" The announcer paused when they noticed the frantic waving of a stage hand and the frowning director, who kept making aggressive c

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1 hour ago, Will.I.Am said:

I'm here.

Are you voting?  Do you have a special role? Well my phone has a dumb delay on it today.  I see your response now.  Sorry for the interrogation.

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9 minutes ago, chart94 said:

Dang just missed deadline...

Yep.  Were you going to change the status quo?

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Stray apostrophe
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The newspapers say that crime is spiking in the city, but many citizens don't think the threat is real until @vhab49_PE reports a package going missing.

@MadamPirate thinks that @vhab49_PE is overreacting, tactfully explaining that maybe the stress of living in a gated community is getting to them.  Also can't you just call Amazon and they'll resend the package if it was stolen?  This approach seems realistic, and who knows if @vhab49_PE actually had a package being delivered this day?  Did they show their confirmation number?  @MadamPirate muses this as they stand on their own, package-free, porch, letting a close neighbor borrow their 'lynching pitchfork'.

Ignoring her common-sense approach to the ridiculousness of this outcry, and with @vhab49_PE mysteriously not mentioning what was in the package, the remainder of the community is uneasy with this lack of package-safety and want something done right now!  SCREW THE RULES.  SCREW POLITE SOCIETY.

Thus, the manhunt begins with great prejudice, as all manhunts do.

@tj_PE acts like an enraged soccer mom whose son isn't playing in the scrimmage, wildly accusing multiple neighbors of the theft  until she finally sets her sights on the new neighbor: @civilrobot.  With a garden slightly nicer than everyone else, and a sweet, sweet mat slab, @civilrobot is obviously the envy of the rest of the neighborhood.

After a brunch filled with scathing insults, and many, many Bloody Mary's, @tj_PE convinces her other neighbors @Will.I.Am@blybrook PE, and @ChebyshevII PE that @civilrobot is obviously the package thief.

Inebriated and full of eggs Benny, they make their way to @vhab49_PEs house only to find they have arrived at the same conclusion: @civilrobot has to go.

Chanting "PORCH PIRATE, PORCH PIRATE, PORCH PIRATE" they approach @civilrobot's house as an angry brunch mob.  They are undeterred by their own stumbling steps and grab @civilrobot, quickly collapsing in a huge writhing mass of limbs and pointy elbows with the accused at the bottom of the pile.  After a few minutes, @civilrobot stops struggling due to combined weight of five people and a croissant stuffed in their mouth.

@vhab49_PE cries in relief when they find a slightly smushed package hidden poorly under @civilrobot's welcome mat, containing their newest purchase: a highly acclaimed Viking time-travel romance novel.

@civilrobot was mafia.

The remaining players are:

@ChebyshevII PE, @chart94, @RBHeadge PE, @Will.I.Am, @tj_PE, @blybrook PE, @Ranger1316, @NikR, @vhab49_PE, and @MadamPirate

The final vote was:

5 @civilrobot
1 @vhab49_PE

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3 minutes ago, JayKay PE said:

I...might have too much fun making lynching stories.

Sorry, not sorry.

Nice story.  But I feel like tou missed an opportunity to mention yogurt containers left at the scene of the crime.

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6 minutes ago, civilrobot said:

I just started playing today and now I’m dead. See? Told you I was bad at this. Lol

At least you have the best mat slab in the neighborhood! A wonderful accomplishment! ❤️❤️❤️

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