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That is a weak attempt at trolling. If you don’t have a serious opinion on the topic why comment? Since you “heard” that the test was easy, then obviously you didn’t actually take the Geotechnical exam. 

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My opinions are serious. If all the interns in my company who took the geotech exam told me the exam was easy, then it must have been easy... right?

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The Geotech exam was not easy. I didn't pass yet I felt well prepared. At least 70% of the afternoon questions were conceptual, which may have given some people the illusion that it was easy. It was easy enough to narrow it down to two of the options, but choosing between those two was difficult many times. There were several questions that were way out in left field as well, within the realm of geotech of course, but not something very many people would have experienced in the field. Unless you personally took this exam, you have no way to judge the content or difficulty level. And, of course, we each come to the exam with different levels of experience and in different areas of expertise. I think it is safe to say that none of the exams (breadth or any depth) are ever easy for most people.

I suspect the cut score was actually somewhere in the mid-50's.

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I agree with mrs blybrook. She is on point. It was conceptual, especially the afternoon one. I thought I would pass even though I didn't attempt all 75 questions in the morning. i think the cut-off was set really high..i honestly think very few got through and its not because the questions were very difficult but because the cut off was set high..

P.S. No offence to anybody ..all the best for next time..

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