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1 hour ago, hyphens1001 said:

did anyone take the PE exam transportation last friday (april 2018)? 

I will re-take mine in October. If anyone else did, how was the exam for both breadth and transportation depth?

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I felt really good walking out of the exam, until I started remembering all the stupid mistakes I made. I can recall exactly 6 problems in the AM and another 6 in the PM that I answered wrong or didn't know how to do.Thats 12 problems. Assuming I missed another 10 total problems on the exam unknowingly, I should have a chance at passing? 58/80 = 72.5%?What bothers me is that I missed easy questions that were worded in a tricky way.This is my second time taking the exam, last time i took it in water resources. I felt like the Transportation PM was a lot easier. I guess I'll find out next month but until then I will be losing a lot of sleep. I honestly gave it my best and studied as much as I can with kids and a demanding job. If they had let me take the exam when i graduated I would have easily passed. I don't feel the the recent decoupling is fair for us who missed that chance. 

good luck to you all.


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49 minutes ago, hyphens1001 said:

oh my god i have been looking for somebody to compare the answers? would you mind?

Discussion of the exam, questions, and answers are clearly a violation of your NCEES agreement.  As a reminder, you signed an NDA and this board is monitored by NCEES representatives.

This is your only warning.  Thread will be locked.

@knight1fox3  @Road Guy

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