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Tips to pass 8-hour Transportation Exam

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Study as if you cared (minimum 500 hours), do a lot of practice problems, take timed practice exams, and I recommend taking courses from Professional Engineering Services and Education (PESE) of which Dr. Shahin Mansour is the CEO.

The courses I took from PESE were: Civil Breadth (AM) Course with Workshop, and Transportation PM Course with workshop. These courses were live-webinars which included text books, practice problems and practice exams, and the ability to ask questions during the class sessions. The user friendly text books were well organized with table of contents, figures, shortcuts and indexes to make information easy to find during the exams.

The CEO of PESE, Dr. Shahin Mansour, has (30) years of teaching and (27) years of professional experience which shaped the class sessions and materials so they were very interesting and specific to the exams. This helped me to gain confidence and speed to pass the 8-hour NCEES exam. In July 2016 I received my California Civil PE license.

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Hmmm... Sincere review or advertisement? 

I get told my recommended 300 hours is too high.  I have never seen a recommendation for 500!  But, hey, if it works, that's all that matters. 

Congrats on passing. 

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