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Does it take long to grade a scantron? No. But there are a lot of other things that go into grading the test that need to be considered. So let's take a quick look at those things, using round numbers

Prove it. Up those spam numbers!

I told you so!!

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I was definitely not prepared for results to be released today.... this wasn't in the plan :wacko:...good luck to all of you guys and I'm REALLY not going to be productive at work today...

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1 minute ago, Ecabral07 said:

insight info... I'm new to all this result release mojo lol

in the past, is CA one of the first or last states to get release ? :huh:


Up until last cycle, it was one of the last. But last cycle, it released on the first day. 

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That being said, if you are took the civil in CA and you took the seismic and surveying exams as well, you need to get those results. There is vast speculation on when those results will be released now that the PE exam is totally decoupled from the state exams. In the past few cycles, I think they were usually within a few days of CA releasing the national results. But it has been stated elsewhere on this board that the seismic and surveying exam results release is now completely independent of the PE exam release. So personally, I think it's anyone's guess a bout those!

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1 hour ago, Lucas H said:

Woohoo, don’t you guys need to work or have any meetings? You guys can constantly talk here! I guess no one needs to have those pencils again lol! Yes I stayed late that day just trying to collect pencils! Lol the proctor is like collect as many as you want! I don’t know why, I love using them almost everyday at work! That day is so unforgettable! 



Lucas, I have never said this on a forum - particularly to another dude, but - I love you man. 

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