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Some suggestive comments that I have been thinking about for a while...


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Ok, so I have never used the Suggestion Box. And since it doesn’t look like too many others use it either, I figured ‘why not?’. I'll give the SB some love. :)

Here’s a few ideas I’d like to throw out there for consideration.

1.) What about adding a forum called “After the Exam”, or “Being a PE”, or something to that effect? For instance, there really is no perfect existing forum/sub-forum for those certificate frame, “P.E. vs PE”, business cards, NCEES records, e-mail signatures, stamps, etc. threads. Right? These topics are not ‘about the exam’, they’re not about ‘exam results’, they are not ‘exam prep’ related, and they aren’t ‘technical’. Just an idea.

2.) I am not sure exactly what my suggestion is but, in my opinion, I think it would be nice if the ‘Links & Saved Threads’ and especially the ‘Downloads’ area were utilized more and could provide useful tools and resources to those studying for the exam.

3.) Many (not all) of the Pinned threads are dated and provide little to no value. I think the Pinned threads should be pruned/updated. For example: Does this wiki ( work for anyone else? I can’t get it to work. I think this sticky ( can go, right? Etc.

4.) In the six subforums of the Civil Engineering PE Exam forum ( , why does only Transportation have a graphical picture? And, it is also a pic of a very outdated HCM. I humbly suggest (updated) graphics for all or graphics for none.

5.) For the subforums “Water Resources / Enviro The new combined WR/Env module, and Yes, stormwater modeling is included in this section..., and “Construction for the new civil PM module”, I think the reference to “new” can come off now. I think it has been over 5 years since these changes were made to the exam.

6.) Minor, picky comments, if I may. The ‘e’ in ‘exam’ in the forum “Anything about PE exam” should be capitalized, for consistency. | Delete the extra period after the forum “LEED, PTOE, Architectural Engineering, etc..”. | Should we rename the “PE Exam Results” forum to “Exam Results” (since it is for other exams too)? | I think the “Surveying Exam LSIT, PLS” should read “FS, PS” instead of “LSIT, PLS”. | In the forum “Civil Engineering PE Exam Water Resources / Enviro, Transportation, Geotech, Structural, Construction, CA-Seismic/Survey Exams Civil-Site, Transportation, Water Resources, GeoTech”, I think Geotech and GeoTech should be spelled out to Geotechnical, add spaces before and after the Seismic and Survey slash, and delete “Civil-Site, Transportation, Water Resources, GeoTech”. | Ok, I better stop. I can go on and on. Happy to provide more suggestive formatting comments, upon request. :)

5.) Oh and one last thing….. why the heck is the “Suggestion Box” sub-forum under the “Introduce Yourself” forum????? :P

Ok, thanks for letting me blab my suggestive comments. :)

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