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Aug 29, 2017
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TEST PREP (see images - $50 for all):

  • Chelapati pack of three books (Chelapati Volume V, Secion 10 (Hydraulics) and Section 11 (Hydrology) — 9th Edition, Chelapati Volume VI, Section 12 (Water Supply and Water Quality) — 9th Edition, Chelapati Volume VI, Section 13 (Wastewater Engineering) — 9th Edition 
  • PPI Six-Minute Solutions Water Resources and Environmental Problems — not sure about edition, but ISBN 978-–59126-139-1
  • PPI Civil PE Sample Examination (with an afternoon session for all disciplines) — Fourth Edition, ISBN 978-1-59126-387-6
  • PPI Water Resources and Environmental Depth Practice Exams (includes 2 exams) — not sure about edition, but ISBN 978-1-59126-396-8 
  • PPI 101 Solved Environmental Engineering Problems — not sure about edition, but ISBN 1-888577-61-4
REFERENCE BOOKS (see images):

  • [$15] Hydrology and Hydraulic systems - Gupta - 3rd ed
  • [$20] Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual - Lin - 3rd ed
  • [$10] Water Supply and Pollution Control - Viessman/Hammer - 5th ed
  • [$20] Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse (soft cover) - Metcalf & Eddy - 4th ed
  • [$20] Water Quality & Treatment - AWWA - 6th ed
  • [$20] Applied Hydrology - Chow - 1st ed
  • [$20] Introduction to Hydrology - Viessman/Lewis - 5th ed
  • [$20] Wastewater Engineering: Collection and Pumping of Wastewater - Metcalf & Eddy - 1st ed

In 2015, I legally purchased EET's breadth and WRE depth, SoPE's breadth and WRE depth and some Testmaster materials.  I somewhat merged these notes/problems together in my own binder set (with other materials), then proceeded to thoroughly tab the binders (see images).  $150 (plus shipping) and my set is yours! 

***Note*** The US Supreme Court has determined that I have the right to ‘first sale’ of copyrighted materials (https://www.theverge.com/2013/3/19/4123740/supreme-court-upholds-first-sale-rights-abroad) — no different than McGraw Hill or Wiley materials, or in this case PPI.  The Supreme Court of the US did not carve-out specific PE exam materials vendors to be immune from their decision.

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