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Feb 18, 2022
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Short Description: be the first employee in our Software Development team, own our new projects and grow to eventually manage your own Software team.

đź—Ł Language Requirements: fluent English.

đź“Ś Location: London.

What is Beakbook?

Beakbook is an agri-tech start-up. We leverage IoT sensors to gather data and help farmers reduce waste and increase their margins. We have already developed the entire data pipeline and started a paid pilot with a leading agri-food conglomerate in SE Asia to test our solution and improve it based on their feedback. We are looking for someone to help us scale our back-end and create new projects from scratch.

What does it mean to be a CO-FOUNDING SOFTWARE ENGINEER?

Working on the company product- and technical strategy together with the founders. We have a close and informal style of management and are always open to new ideas!

Helping expand the technical stack.

Leading and growing our talented engineering team and defining our technical strategy. You should be able to direct members of the development team and freelancers as well as the overall expansion of the team.

The challenges you'll face

Maintaining and further developing our engineering culture in Beakbook.

Working on a product that has a hardware dimension. Although we do not expect you to have deep knowledge of hardware, some experience is preferred. For example, your role might involve tracking issues in our sensor nodes identified during our pilots.

Guiding, motivating, and challenging our engineering team: personal development for our interns, and team members involved in the development of Beakbook.

Working with multiple complex domains (food production, hardware, machine learning, signal processing & infrastructure).

Our tech stack:

Hardware: ESP32 chips, Raspberry pi, embedded Linux, C/C++

Software: AWS, Lambda, SQL, NoSQL, Terraform, Python, React, Flask

What do we offer?

ÂŁ24k-ÂŁ30k p/a

Generous equity package as well as a cash compensation.

Accommodation in London

What are we looking for?

More than everything else, we are looking for someone excited to join us and excited to help us to reach our challenging objectives. We are working hard to reach our goals, and we expect you to do the same!

The desire to build a start-up. We are building our technology from the ground up and are looking for someone that likes to work independently and likes to work as a generalist.

Software engineering background

Good communication skills.

Ability to travel into London at least once a month, ideally based in London.

Interest in food production and agriculture.

Experience with cloud computing and hardware development are a plus.

Any other tips before the interviews?

This job will be demanding, so make sure you are ambitious if you apply and be prepared for a comprehensive interview process. The process we use is the following:

Round 1: 30 mins - Giovanni (Co-founder) / Aamir (Tech Lead) – Casual chat to get to know you. Expect to share your story and talk through one project that you have executed.

Round 2: 60 mins – Giovanni (Co-founder) and Aamir (Tech Lead) - Talk with us about a new pilot project we are launching. Tell us about what you think the main technical considerations are, what assumptions you are making and then come up with approximate timelines and KPIs. Explain how you would work with the operations team.

Round 3: 30 mins - Investor(s) / Software expert - Talk with some of our lead investor(s) / Software experts about your previous experience and your vision for Beakbook.

Other details

Contract type: Full-time contract in United Kingdom

Location: London (UK)

Start date: February 2022

Interested candidates please send across a copy of your CV to [email protected]