So this is what its like to live in Chicago

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Dec 15, 2008
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We live out in the country, so its not unusual for us or the neighbors to pop off a few rounds in the back yard.  My youngest and I were out being about as manly as you can be, chopping wood, when the nearest neighbor, about 300 yards away, started shooting.  It went on for several minutes with us chopping (mostly me) and yacking (mostly the 7 yr old) when I heard what can only be typed as PSSSSSFFFTTTT and it sounded very close.  I got quiet and thought "No way!".  Thinking I was hearing things, we went back to choppin.  A second or two later I heard a ricochet off a tree about 100 yards away between the two houses and the next shot sounded like I could have reached out and grabbed it.  I screamed as loud as I could to "KNOCK IT OFF", sent the boy inside and got in the car.  I wan't exactly sure which house it was, so I rolled by pretty slow until I saw someone outside.  I pulled in rather loudly and intentionally spraying gravel a bit.  Having never met this neighbor, I probably didn't make a good impression.  I had just gotten through working out and chopping some wood, veins were bulging, covered in sweat and about ready to throw down on some young punk shooting at my house, but no its a 50 something dude and his wife target shooting what I think is her new self defense weapon.  There is a clear line of sight between the two houses and these two morons are out shooting directly at my house!  I told them what I heard and he acted like he didn't believe me, which didn't help my temperment much.  I'm not sure exactly what I said next because its a bit of a blur, but something I said convinced him I was not messing around and he apologized.  I think I said "please shoot somewhere else" and got back in the car.  If you've ever seen someone look dumbfounded, they did.  When I pulled out of their driveway, they were still looking my way and hadn't moved a muscle.  Needless to say I was freaked out a bit that afternoon and didn't make any new friends, but at least we got some wood ready for the fire pit...


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Dec 2, 2013
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This is why guns should be banned.