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Jul 16, 2021
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I passed the CA state exams. I am selling everything I used to pass. Send me a message and we can discuss prices & delivery.

* FUNDAMENTALS OF SEISMIC ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF BUILDINGS - AEI workbook. This is the main textbook for the course. It is the 6th edition which I believe is still the current edition being sold.
* PRACTICE EXAMS FOR THE CALIFORNIA SEISMIC PRINCIPLES CIVIL P.E. EXAMINATION - AEI practice tests. This is the book from AEI that has the 3 practice exams inside of it. It is the 4th edition which is the current edition being sold.
* Summary Sheets - I will share the original summary sheets as well as my killer bad ass annotated sheets that put page numbers on everything, adds reminders on key things not to forget, and so much more. This was the main tool I used during my exam, and only ended up looking in the textbook 3 ish times because my summary sheets had all I needed and some!
* Simulation Exams - There were two additional simulation exams to download and print off in addition to the practice exam workbook, so that's what this is.
* Course handouts - everything I was able to download online, you will have sent to you (mini exams (3), IBC and ASCE pages, extra examples, workshops, course screenshots, etc).
* Scheduling excel sheet with 9 week, 11 week, or 16 week breakdowns - this might just be helpful to plan your time out based on your needs. It provides the general time of each video as well.
* Hiner workbook & Hiner summary sheets (wont lie, the Hiner summary sheets were AWFUL in my opinion which is why I went and made the AEI ones way better). The workbook includes two practice exams at the end of the book. If you just want the practice exams, I could consider scanning them and sending them to you.
* Index - I started an index/glossary for the AEI workbook, got to chapter 5, and gave up. If you want it so you can add the rest of the chapters to it, I will include it!
* 2018 INTL Building Code - PDF
* ASCE SEI 7-16 - PDF
* PE Prepared Seismic Principles Exam

* CPESR Reference Manual - Edition 6.3 (purchased end of March for reference)
* Two CPESR practice exams I copied down
* Reza 2023 workbook
* PE Prepared Surveying Exam