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Dec 5, 2021
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Thanks great info! Working out has helped me a lot to relieve stress. I’ll definitely try the blue berries too and check out Reddit. I think over the next month I’m going to review references, spend more time on transportation, and work through some Goswami problems. I backed off of those problems because they were very in depth and some people said it was way harder than the real exam and to be careful spending too much time. One thing I like about Goswami is the problems are long and cover different scenarios. At this point I think most of the exams I’ve purchased such as PE Prepared and NCEES are way easier than the real exam so I’m going to try to find more difficult practice problems. Thanks again for the good vibes!!!
Do not skip Goswami problems!! They are hard, but that’s the point. Be over prepared. I used Goswami, pre prepared, school of pe ( simulators and the custom option 5+ exams), donated exams from friends, online found, 6 min exam and 6 min solutions, then this one too
I did them over and over.