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Sep 28, 2007
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The NCEES Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) will become a closed‐book exam in April

2013. At this time, examinees will use NCEES‐supplied references during the exam and will

no longer be allowed to bring other reference material into the exam room.

This change is a result of a motion NCEES passed at its 2011 annual meeting. The motion was

presented by the NCEES Committee on Examination Policy and Procedures, which is

responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of NCEES exams.

“There were two reasons to go to a closed‐book exam: to increase the security of the exam

and to prepare for the possibility of the PS transitioning to a computer‐based format,”

explained NCEES Director of Exam Services Tim Miller, P.E. “A closed‐book exam will prevent

candidates from copying exam content into their references or bringing in prohibited items.

It will also make for an easier transition if the PS exam moves to a computer‐based format at

computer testing centers, where space for references is limited.”

A new edition of the NCEES Principles and Practice of Surveying Sample Questions and Solutions will be available for

sale in November 2012. It will reflect the new exam specifications and include the supplied references. The supplied

references will also be available online for free download at