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PE Mechanical TFS Deluxe Study bundle

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Oct 22, 2021
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I'm selling my study material listed below. Everything is in like new condition. NO writing, NO highlighting, NO tears

I'd like to sell it as a bundle and not break it out. Retails prices are listed over, $800 total. The calculator and tabs are still new in the package. All of these are the most UP TO DATE versions, as I just purchased them this year. Based on the CBT version.

I'd sell the entire bundle for $500+shipping. I can ship the next day if it's during the week. Please DM me if interested.

  • NCEES PE Mechanical: Thermal and Fluid Systems Practice Exam $39
  • Engineering Unit Conversions $49
  • Casio FX-115 ES Plus Advanced Scientific Calculator FREE
  • PPI Customizable Book Tabs FREE
  • Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual 14th Edition $289
  • Mechanical Engineering Practice Problems, $130
  • Mechanical Engineering Thermal and Fluid Systems Practice Exam $100
  • Thermal and Fluids Systems Six-Minute Problems $95.00
  • Thermal and Fluids Systems Reference Manual for the Mechanical PE Exam $99
  • 101 Solved Mechanical Engineering Problems $95

Good luck to you all!


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