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Jun 9, 2022
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Hello everyone

i just found out that i passed the CBT PE civil exam/transportation
It took me three month of studying and i passed at my first attempt
During these three months i took EET course and i found it really good course and is very aligned with the exam questions
I went through every single practice problem and every CBT test the course provided in addition to the simulation tests
Samir and Nazrul did great job, some of the exam questions hit exactly the important points Nazrul and Samir focus on in the course, they updated the materials to align with the new CBT test, they would warn you about the topics that have high probability to come in the exam

one important point about CBT exam, NCEES divided the references into chapters, be familiar with the chapters title and the topic you are looking for because you are not going to search your topic through the entire book rather in chapters which could take from your time flipping over chapters

Just keep in mind you need to study well three month ahead and you will pass

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