My internal application for the electrical engineer position was turned down. Looking for advice and study materials.

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May 25, 2023
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Littleton, CO, USA

I interviewed for an electrical engineer position at the company I currently work for and it's likely I will be turned down for the position tomorrow.
I asked one of my interviewers today ~2 weeks after our interview if he had any doubt about my ability to do the job or if he had any concern about my character. No concerns about my character/work ethic etc. but I wasn't able to demonstrate strong knowledge of 480V AC circuits, 3-phase power, and other such stuff in my interview. I really like this company and I would like to be better prepared in case there is another opportunity in the near future.
Can anyone recommend some textbooks I can study to refresh my knowledge of these topics?
My company is an Oil and Gas company and we are currently focused on building UL 891 rated Switchgear and that is what the position I applied for was primarily responsible for.
Are there learning materials out there for this sort of stuff?
I'm worried about spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.
I graduated in Spring 2020 with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from MSU Denver.

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