I Passed my PE Chemical Engineering Exam in March 2022

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May 15, 2022
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I just want to share my experience in my exam preparation and taking the exam that may help future candidates.

1. Just think this is a fairly easy exam
2. Strengthen your chemical engineering fundamentals first (Use your college books if available)
3. I strongly suggest "PPI Chemical Engineering Reference Manual – A Comprehensive Manual for the PE Exam". I used only this book, the NCEES reference manual, and the NCEES Practice Exam.
4. You may do 2 to 3 revisions before taking the exam.
5. Be thorough with the NCEES reference manual as you are going to use this manual for the exam. (This is the only material available in the exam)
6. Sleep well before the exam day
7. Make sure you have your ID and calculator before going to the exam center

For me, the exam was moderate to easy

Hope this will be helpful for all