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May 14, 2019
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So this may be a dumb question but I (a structural engineer) was recently hired by a decent sized civil company that is trying to build the structural department. Right now we have two PEs in structural (not SE's) and one EIT that's just starting out. We don't have enough structural work to go around so two of us are being assigned work that isn't structural. I'm trying to be proactive go out and get us some more work but I don't know where to look honestly.

Do you just cold call architects? Is there a website I can use that would be useful?

I'm just looking for suggestions. If this is the wrong spot to ask this then I apologize I'm just unsure where else to ask. Google has been no help because I just get structural engineering jobs for an individual that comes up.

I'm located in NJ and I should also note that I have been asked to look into this. I'm not just doing it because I want to. They don't really know where to look either so they asked me to find out. Our dept helps with the land development. water/wastewater, and gas dept jobs by designing retaining walls and small buildings mostly (the occasional pedestrian bridge).
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