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Dec 1, 2020
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Munster, Indiana
Hello everyone,

I am Evan.  I passed the EIT exam last year for the Nebraska State Board.  I am a Bachelor's degree holder in electrical engineering technology from Purdue University Northwest since 2018.  As of now, I am currently pursuing a master's degree full-time in electrical engineering moving back to my alma mater due to a job loss in March and my family lives 5 minutes away from campus.  After graduation, I plan on returning to Nebraska where a lot of my family is from and my extended family live in the Omaha area (Go Huskers!!).

I do plan on taking the PE CBT exam in August 2021 for the North Carolina board and have been putting in studying efforts since August 2020.  I feel confident about my prospects so far but the timeline I gave myself is plentiful to where I would like to pass the exam on the first try.  I was wondering if there is any guides, materials, or comments, experiences, or advice regarding the CBT exam.

Thank you all!


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May 25, 2018
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@evanfus which CBT exam are you taking? and studying for a year is a fantastic way to burn out. 


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