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Apr 15, 2020
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Hello, I am an educational freelancer looking to work with you to help you pass the fundamentals of engineering exam. I can also tutor other subjects including physics, statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, structural analysis, and fluid mechanics.

I am offering a 30-minute free session for any student interested in preparing for the FE exam. This first session can be scheduled at a suitable time for you.

Please follow the link to my website which provides detailed information:


The plan is to:

  • Have weekly sessions covering the new NCEES specifications. We will cover the concepts as the FE exam is becoming a lot more conceptually nowadays and then for every concept, we will work on practice problems together.
  • Provide virtual practice questions for you through the directhub.net website. Note: There are sample mathematics questions on the website ( https://www.directhub.net/courses/statics-fe-exam/ ) to give you an idea. (To see the solution you must select the correct answer!).
  • Any questions you have can be asked through email or text throughout the week, and I will answer those as soon as possible through a solution format and if time permits video format.
If you are interested please contact me here: https://www.directhub.net/contact-us/. Take care!


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