FE Civil Ondemand Enhancements

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Apr 24, 2017
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Our FE Civil Ondemand review course recently received many enhancements, and we wanted to let you know about them.

We reimagined our Study Hub. The Study Hub is your one place for all your study needs. We even released a new Study Hub Mobile App to ensure the best experience on any device; anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Here are some of the additional enhancements to our FE Civil Ondemand review course.

  1. Flash Cards: We officially launched our new Flash Cards for FE Civil.
  2. EBook - Our latest publication, the FE Civil Exam Review Guide, is here, and we included our eBook with our 4/6/12- month FE Civil Ondemand Course.
  3. Practice Portal Pro - Our practice portal pro comes with multiple exams, quizzes, and assessment formats to personalize your practice experience. 
These and many other enhancements are available for our FE Civil Ondemand review course as a part of our reimagined Study Hub launch. It's time to prepare, practice, and pass your FE Civil exam with the School of PE. As we always say, Your Success is our Success.

Learn More about the Study Hub or view all the included features of our FE Civil Ondemand review course and learn about these new features.