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Feb 16, 2021
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I was enrolled for EET breadth and depth (WRE) Ondemand course and passed exam in first attempt. I am sharing my experience with EET.

Instructor- Dr. Nazrul Islam
Dr. Nazrul is the great instructor ever I met in my life. I have so many questions in my mind before taking WRE course and exam because my work area is construction but I was not confident about construction but I have nightmare about environment too so I called EET and I spoke with Dr. Nazrul about my situation and he told me don't worry about environment you will be very good after course. He was very confident and that makes me to go for WRE and today I passed my PE in first trial.

Ondemand Course-
I took Ondemand course but I never feel like that I am in Ondemand course. I always feels like that I am in live webinar course. Whenever I have any questions I just send email and I got answer within a hour form Dr. Nazrul. I am in EST time zone and Dr. Nazrul is in PT time zone but time zone never become any hurdle for me.

Course content and Course material (Binder)-
EET breadth and depth course covers every aspect that you need for exam. EET course and materials are best material right now in the market. Course and material are to the point not like other material in market that covers so many unnecessary topics and that lowers your moral. EET has so many practice exams for breadth and depth that all has same difficulty as NCEES exam. EET will always send you exam result analysis on time so you will where you need to do more work where you are good.

Teaching Style-
All instructor for breadth are very knowledgeable and their teaching pace is not slow neither too fast. Dr. Nazrul, as I mentioned before he is great. I ask him so many questions that he covered in class but he never told me go back and look. He always answer my questions. Dr. Nazrul always mention important word questions that might comes in exams. He told to highlight that and I received 4 to 5 word problems from that highlighted lines.

Breadth- Breadth exam I completed in 3 hours and without using binder or any kind of material.

Depth - Depth exam I completed 20 questions within 1.5 hours without looking binder or any kind of material. I just look in to binder for equations for 15 questions and rest of the question I found in binder.

EET binder covered about 98% of questions. We don't need any other material except EET binder.

I successfully passed exam.

As I mentioned above that I was very weak in environment subject but EET class and course material makes very easy for me. When I was watching class recording for environment part "It was feel like movie and I always curious about what will happen next". It was so enjoyable. You should join EET and you will also enjoy. At the end of classes I was more confident in environment engineering than water resources.

If you want pass PE exam then you have to take following steps.
  1. Join EET and rest of the steps EET will take care for you.

Thank you

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