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Jul 2, 2020
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New Jersey
"Alright team, the next stop is the roof", @blybrook PE said. The group was finishing up their drinks, opting for tea after what happened to @beccabun PE. "As I understand, the roof is still a work in progress, however they have installed much of the mechanical units, house tanks, and generators that were all pre-purchased. But there are no guards up so we will need to grab some harnesses before we go up. Remember that whenever you are walking near the edge, you must be secured to the guide line."

The engineers walked over to one of the trailers and each grabbed a harness off the wall then walked over to the rickey crane elevator. "Next stop, the top of the world!", jested @DLD PE trying to lighten the mood and distract themself of the elevator. Finally they reach the top and rushed off towards the MEPs. @blybrook PE shouted after them, "Make sure you are connected into the guideline whenever you are near the edge!"

@ChebyshevII PE PMP and @tj_PE walked over to the house tank near the edge of the building. @tj_PE looked at the structural steel supporting the tank while @cheb looked at the tank and the tank pump. "These are some terrible welds!", exclaimed @tj_PE as they took some photos. "This pipe is leaking", @ChebyshevII PE PMP added, "It actually looks like this pipe was just cut. Did you do this?" @ChebyshevII PE PMP asked @tj_PE. "No way! I was over here looking at the steel.", @tj_PE replied. "I don't believe you", replied @ChebyshevII PE PMP, "show me you don't have a saw in your backpack". @ChebyshevII PE PMP rushed over to grab @tj_PE's backpack and @tj_PE rufesd. "How do I know you didn't do it and are blaming me?", retorted @tj_PE running away from @ChebyshevII PE PMP. Just then they tripped over the safey wire and unbeknownst to both of them, someone had tied together thier harness leads instead of being tied to the safety wire and whie @tj_PE went tumbling over, they dragged @ChebyshevII PE PMP along with them plumetting to their deaths below.

@tj_PE was lynched by the town, they were an engineer.

@ChebyshevII PE PMP was nightkilled by the mafia.

The remaining list of players in this round is: @DLD PE, @RBHeadge PE, @txjennah PE, @BlueBlueprintPE PMP, @NikR_PE, @Eye Hate Landscaping PE, @squaretaper LIT AF PE, @djl PE, @FlangeheadPEAZ

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