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lower intestine
May 30, 2018
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In a van, down by the river.
Thank god. Now I don’t need to pay attention and can be like dead at work.
My lower intestine feels betrayed. You've been encouraging me to indulge all week, when in fact you were just trying to kill me! Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit taking hallucinogens.
Jul 2, 2020
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New Jersey
"Good morning everyone", said @blybrook PE as he looked upon everyone who already looked half asleep in the large conference room chairs in anticipation of the construction safety briefing. "I see that we only managed to lose one of us from the drug testing yesterday, so that is great news." Everyone suddenly awoke at the announcement, looked around, and noticed that @JayKay PE was missing.

@blybrook PE continued "As engineers, we must carry on and fulfill our duties. I'm sure all of you remember your ethics lessons from when you took your FE exam. Anyway, let's get started with the OSHA refresher and the we will get into the site briefing. Now, rule number one about site safety is awareness... "

As @blybrook PE rambled on about safety rules while every dozed off either falling asleep or wondering what drugs @JayKay PE was on, @Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE pulled out an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and started chowing down. After a few bites they looked puzzled and reached into their bag to pull out a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce and began to douse the sandwich with the spicy sauce. They took a few more bites when they suddenly started sweating and looked red in the face. Their heart was racing as they struggled to breathe. By this time many of the group took notice and asked if they were okay.

It was then that @Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE fell to the floor and stopped breathing. The ambulance was called and they were rushed to the hospital, where they were later pronounced deceased. It turns out, their bottle of hot sauce was dosed with epinephrine that caused a heart attack.

@Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE was killed by the mafia.

the remaining list of players in this round is: @DLD PE, @MeowMeow PE, @RBHeadge PE, @txjennah PE, @ChebyshevII PE PMP, @BlueBlueprintPE PMP, @NikR_PE, @DoctorWho-PE, @Eye Hate Landscaping PE, @beccabun PE, @squaretaper LIT AF PE, @tj_PE, @chart94 PE, @djl PE, @FlangeheadPEAZ
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Dec 9, 2014
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@JayKay PE was lynched by the town, they were a union rat (mafia)