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Nov 10, 2014
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Passed!! Just wanted to thank everyone on here. You guys are freaking amazing. I wouldn't have been able to pass without the help of this forum and everyone on here. Thank you!!!


Blue 8

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Oct 31, 2014
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Maryland-DC Metro Area
I passed Environmental first time. I thought the morning was pretty straight-forward, but I was nervous about the afternoon session since it was a lot of qualitative questions about things I'm not so good at. I have always been weak in air and water distribution systems (which is why I work in remediation). I studied for about 100 hours, tried to get 10 hrs a week starting in mid-February. I read the EERM cover to cover and worked the corresponding practice problems for each chapter. Then I did practice problems every day until the test. I had to take a break the week before the test because I got the flu and could barely walk, let alone study.

Test results came in today, which also happens to be my birthday. Best present I've received in years. :)
Happy Birthday and congrats!! I also read the EERM for concept and I think that helped tremendously with the qualitative questions.



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May 12, 2015
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Passed, 1st attempt chemical.

Didn't take any classes, but did a decent amount of self directed study, mainly via the tools from PPI. Bough the reference book and read through it ~4 months prior to the test to review old concepts. Purchased the NCEES sample exam, PPI sample exam, and PPI 6-minute solutions. Did 1 hour of practice problems every work day for 2-3 months leading up to exam, maybe ~100 hours total review.

By far the most helpful thing was keeping handwritten notes throughout my review. By then end I had ~9 pages of notes that I had pulled from various resources that I used for maybe 80% of the exam.


John QPE

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Oct 29, 2012
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2nd time, but I passed civil transportation! (Still waiting on seismic though)

I'm just going to join the bandwagon and say that EET is part of the reason I passed. I opened the CERM for all of two problems during the exam, while I used my EET binders extensively for both the morning and afternoon. Also, I would have never known about EET without, so everyone throw some money at RoadGuy to help fund the site!!
This is so true .... EET is so under the radar. I'd have never signed up their class had ptatohead not insisted. It seems like they were never really talked about much on here either. I guess the word is out now though.

Congrats on passing !!!!



Chief Injun Ear
Apr 13, 2013
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Passed Mechanical T/F depth in PA 1st time! :pASSED2:

Thanks to all on this forum for the help and support! Especially during the wait for results!