Civil PE Licensure Questions- Education and Work Experience related to Surveying

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Dec 16, 2020
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I recently passed the PE exam, so now I am on to applying for my license in California. The board does not give me very direct answers and I do not want to waste money applying if I don't fulfill the experience requirements yet. Has anyone received any education credit for an undergrad degree in a major other than Engineering. I did Environmental Science and Management for my undergrad degree and then continued on to obtain a Master's in Environmental Engineering. The fields are clearly related and cover similar coursework, but will I receive any credit for undergrad 4 years?

After getting my bachelor's, I worked at a surveying company for two years as a draftsperson under a licensed Land Surveyor. This is what directed me towards my masters and new job (surveying and civil engineering firm) where I am an Engineering Technician. I do a combination of surveying and engineering work. Will my surveying experience count for anything? Can I use licensed Land Surveyors for my recommendations or should I try to stick to only Civil Engineers and engineering experience?