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Dec 16, 2020
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I recently passed the PE exam, so now I am on to applying for my license in California. The board does not give me very direct answers and I do not want to waste money applying if I don't fulfill the experience requirements yet. Has anyone received any education credit for an undergrad degree in a major other than Engineering. I did Environmental Science and Management for my undergrad degree and then continued on to obtain a Master's in Environmental Engineering. The fields are clearly related and cover similar coursework, but will I receive any credit for undergrad 4 years?

After getting my bachelor's, I worked at a surveying company for two years as a draftsperson under a licensed Land Surveyor. This is what directed me towards my masters and new job (surveying and civil engineering firm) where I am an Engineering Technician. I do a combination of surveying and engineering work. Will my surveying experience count for anything? Can I use licensed Land Surveyors for my recommendations or should I try to stick to only Civil Engineers and engineering experience?



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Aug 25, 2020
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Your hybrid experience will be apportioned whether for an engineering application or surveying application.

Best to log the breakdown and count only 40 hour weeks. As for references, do not cross disciplines.

Good luck.