CA Surveying Exam 2021 Q2 Results

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A. NO99

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Jun 9, 2021
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I took the Surveying exam in Q2 and just got my results on Monday; I passed! I took Kirk's class - Pass the California Civil PE Survey Exam With CPESR | Civil PE Surveying Review and it was extremely helpful. It's defintely worth it to invest your time and money into this course. The lecture videos are long, but this exam (at least for me) requires you to really understand the fundamentals as opposed to just problem solving. If you diligently go through all of the videos followed by the 5 practice exams, you will be set. I spent a lot of time reviewing the problems in the practice exams that I got wrong; doing them over and over and making sure I fully understood them. The more you set aside time and do his timed practice exams, the better you will be prepared, both as far as content and for the purpose of getting comfortable with the testing environment and testing conditions on your actual test day. Lastly, time is crucial on this exam! Even if you are able to answer some of the questions in 10 seconds, you will need that left over time to apply to other questions that can be very time consuming and involved.

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