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Feb 18, 2020
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Do you want to leave Prometric wondering if you passed the CA Surveying Exam, or walk out confidently knowing you passed the exam?

I passed the CA Surveying Exam on the first try with this beautiful collection of modern and antique collectibles.   The collection has been thoughtfully procured in alignment with the suggested survey exam references as shown on the CA Board’s website.  

Is it a bit excessive?  Perhaps, but it's what the board suggests and I didn't feel like wasting money and time by taking it again.

I personally found that the survey review course books were not enough and sometimes the explanations in the course books were confusing, misleading or incomplete.   Soooo, I bought the suggested references.  I found that each book presents the topics in a slightly different manner and some books worked for me better than others.    Some books also offer significant shortcuts or simple explanations where others wax poetic about the art of surveying concepts.     It will ultimately be up to your personal taste.

A bit of free advice.  Someone in the forums suggested watching Simmy Sigma's playlist on Advanced Geomatics on YouTube and I echo that recommendation.   The explanations are thorough enough to easily follow along and in some ways are more in depth than the review courses.

Anyway, back to the books . . .

The books listed below total $255, but if you want to buy them all I can save you the agony of hunting them down individually and it will save me from going to the post office over and over and over again.  Therefore, let’s make a deal.  Buy ‘em all right now for only $225 plus shipping.   

Reza – Civil Surveying Review Workshop – Winter 2020 – Slightly Used with Tabs - $110 + Shipping

Civil PE Practice Exam – California Civil Surveying Version A – very few marks - $25 + Shipping 

Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics – 12th Edition by Ghilani and Wolf – Used - $30 + Shipping

Surveying – 10th Edition  – Moffitt and Bossler – Used - $15 + Shipping

Elementary Surveying – 9th Edition – Wolf and Brinker – Used - $10 + Shipping

Surveying Theory and Practice – 7th Edition – Anderson and Mikhail - $25 + Shipping

Surveying with Construction Applications – Eighth Edition – This is the “Global Edition” but has the same content as the US Edition - $40 + Shipping 

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