beam deflection calculations

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Oct 28, 2010
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The questions are from All In One CIvil Engineering PE Book By Goswami, 2nd edition

1-Please see page 60, the example 102.14, beam deflection calculation by moment area method. I understand up to t a/c = 37500/EI

But then how does tan (teta) equal 3750/EI? I mean how is 3750 obtained? According to formula above on this same page, tangent teta should be equal to ta/c divided by length of beam which is 20 feet. so it should be 37500/20/12 (to convert to inch) which is not 3750. How is 3750 obtained?

2-I didnt understand conjugate beam method much. It has been many years after school and I dont remember it nor i could understand it , do i have to or other methods would be enough for me to calculate beam deflection if asked?

3-How do we know which beam deflection method to use when? (direct integration, moment area, conjugate beam, unit load method)

4-Beam deflections I am studying now can be asked in the morning session and not specific to structural depth right? because i will take construction

5-Unit load method, page 65, example 102.16

how was 1.053 obtained in the solution? and can you explain the solution a little?

6-Can you explain table 102.1? i didnt understand cthe rows vs columns represent what.

Lot of questions but all relevant to each other and to a specific subject i hope it wasnt much