AEI - CIVIL PE Breadth & Structural Depth On-Demand Webinars

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Nov 12, 2019
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AEI Civil PE Breadth and Structural Depth Review course provides comprehensive review of the NCEES topics. Offered as live interactive Webinars or On-Demand.

The review course provides two 3" Binders full of class materials: Fundamentals, Examples, Homework problems and Summary Sheets for each topic.

Breadth: Total 50 hours of lectures and problems solving.
  • Project Planning,
  • Means and Methods,
  • Soil Mechanics,
  • Structural Mechanics,
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology,
  • Geometrics, Materials, and
  • Site Development.
Structural Depth: Total of 62 hours of lectures and problems solving.
  • Gravity and Lateral Loads,
  • Analysis of Determinate and Indeterminate Structures,
  • Design and Detailing of Structural Components (Steel, Concrete, Wood and Masonry)
  • Temporary Structures and Special Inspection
The course provides Mini-exams for each module and a full 8-hour Final Simulation Exam that includes 80 problems and a review of simulation exam solution.

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