AEI - CA Seismic Live Webinars taught by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Starting April 11, 2021 - Limited Seating

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Nov 12, 2019
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AEI - CA Seismic Live Webinars taught by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim starting April 11, 2021.
The class provides a comprehensive and thorough review of the the fundamentals needed to pass the CA Seismic exam with confidence. See Class Testimonial

For more information and class schedule, please visit
  • Over 56 hours of live interactive webinars. Please see Class Schedule.
  • Fundamentals Textbook, and Practice Exam book included.
  • Weekly homework, four workshops and three mini-exams
  • Five full Simulation Exams
  • Access to three Computer Based Tests Portal
  • Access to Ask the Instructor Portal
  • Access to Discussion Forum
  • Access is granted for 180 days from the first day of live webinars, extended due to current events by request.
  • Free repeat
  • Fees : $525
"I have taken this test five times, and have also taken several classes to better understand the subject matter. Only after this class, I passed the exam. I cannot say enough about how great this class was. I only wish I have taken this class earlier, and saved myself a lot of money and heartaches. This is hands down the best class available and would recommend it to anyone taking the seismic exam. I do not have any structural background and this class provided me with great understanding of the concepts and test taking tips I needed. Ahmed, I wish there were more teachers out there that had your dedication and commitment to seeing their students achieve. You are truly one of a kind."

Irvine, CA

"Unlike other review courses out there; the subject matter approach was to master the fundamentals of the material rather than memorize where to use what formula. Ahmed was a coach and an instructor, always there to explain and encourage. The personal attention paid to each student taking the course was unlike anything I 've ever seen. Simply put, if you are willing to focus and work with Ahmed to learn the seismic analysis of buildings, take this class and feel confident knowing you will be passing the exam. Thanks again Ahmed for all your help."

Chicago, IL

"Ahmed, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping me achieve success with passing the Seismic Principles Exam. You are an extremely gifted teacher and an inspirational leader. Thank you for encouraging me and always having confidence in my abilities. You have helped made my dream come true! "

Redding, CA