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Found 12 results

  1. Bought the EET breadth + depth on-demand courses. Think the binders/lectures are great. For those who took PE with EET - how much of the EET binders did you end up using on the exam (breadth and depth)? How much compared to the CERM, or other references?
  2. I passed PE civil construction 2 years ago but up to now I didn't get PE license, I don't know any PE licence personally or worked with me due to lack of PE in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. I didn't regret that I have been worked hard to get pass the exam, I am sure there must be a solution or in the future I might move to a global company with PE they referred me, eventually, I will get it.
  3. ****Post Updated for 2020 and 2021**** As the lead instructor of an online review course and live class for the Electrical Power PE Exam since 2014, one of the questions I get asked the most is: "What books do I need to pass?" Take a look at this email: The PE exam is already cost prohibited, especially if you purchase a review course. You don't want to buy books and references that aren't going to help you. To help you decide which books are best for you, here are our top recommended references with more information to help you decide which books to purchas
  4. I worked on a project where there were 2 licensed PEs supervising my work. Both of them agreed to be a reference for my PE application. Is it fine if I have them do so, but the projects will be the same on the application? The wording on the application instructions are a bit confusing to me.. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
  5. What are the best portions of IBC 2018 and ASCE 7-16 to have printed out for the Seismic exam? I know I'll need chapter 12 of ASCE (R values, etc.), but I'm curious about what others brought with them that they found helpful. Note: I have the EET seismic workbook, not Hiner.
  6. plainjane


    Hi all! I just passed the California State Surveying Exam for Civil Engineers, and therefore am no longer in need of the references that I used. I'm selling a Mansour reference manual and practice exam booklet as well as a "Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms", all of which I feel really helped with my studying and during the test! Depending on shipping, I'm willing to let all 3 references go for around $100. The reference manual has been highlighted a bit and has some notes made inside. The exam booklet has been fully completed, but using pencil so it's reusable
  7. Hello folks I am working on MyNCEES Records while waiting for Apr 2019 PE Exam result. Like many of you, I keep my finger crossed. I wish good news for all. Going back to the original topic, one of items under MyNCEES Records is Professional References, for which NCEES requires 5 references from PE licensed engineers. It says 'references must be engineers who are currently licensed in US' (see below). Problem is it is not that easy for me to find 5 licensed engineers in my field of work (ME TFS) and wondering if it is absolutely necessary to have PE referenc
  8. ChrisM


    Here are some heavily discounted PE books compared to buying from AASHTO or others. They are a must bring to the exam. Helped me pass my exam!
  9. Hello friends, I was a regular consumer of this forum and despite the TROLLS, I thank all the participants for the good information posted here, that helped me pass the PE exam last April 2019 In contribution, I would like to give my own impressions of the PE exam and give you my advices as far as how to get prepared for this task. First and foremost, passing the PE exam is a tough process and requires LOTS of study time and sacrifice. If you really want this, I recommend you well establish your priorities and whatever can deviate your attention and focus from the exam, should b
  10. Topic says it all... what references/articles do you have in your binder? Paralleling Transformers: MVA Method: NEMA Enclosure Types: Grounding: Resistance Grounding:
  11. Hi, Dear All, Please help... T.T I am planning to take SE (bridge) exam in April 2019. I wonder if you guys could recommend some useful materials/books/manuals to buy/study and bring to the exam as references (other than the codes specified in the SE exam specifications). Hopefully you guys can make a must-have list for me when you guys get time. Thank you so much for the help. XD
  12. I've had people PM asking what my strategy was for passing the SE, so I figured I'd post what I did and a few key books I used to pass both the Vertical Building and Lateral Building tests on my first try. First, I would like to point out I found this test extremely difficult. I was already planning my next attempt at the exam because I left the exam feeling very discouraged. So, don't count yourself out if you leave the exam not feeling confident. Anyways my strategy was as follows: 1. I decided to take the Structural PE first. I think this may have been unnecessary, but it helped me eas
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