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Found 23 results

  1. Everyone, I've seen a lot of posts all over the place from people studying for the upcoming exam. I thought it would be a good idea to get an April 2020 thread started for everyone to ask questions, share resources and provide knowledge all in one place. @BebeshKing @MEtoEE @SparkyBill @pigking8190 @SCU2019 @wiliki @daydreambeliever @Crimsonwar @akyip If you know of anyone else that is studying, feel free to tag them.
  2. I had some complaints about the title the thread where I last posted this. But I wanted to get a thread going (hopefully this isn't adding another unneeded thread) but wanted to start this thread so we can continue the dialogue related to the new exam format. Come December, we can start to use this thread to share our experiences similar to what has been done for ME exams (keeping in mind the NCEES rules/regulations!!!). Check out the tutorials and demo on the website below, it demonstrates what the CBT exam will look like on the screen including references
  3. The PE Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Reference Handbook is available now. It can be found under Reference Handbooks on the right side of your screen when you log into MyNCEES. Also, there was an announcement that a new Power practice test will be released in August. No specifics on the date. I skimmed it and one thing that jumped out at me initially is in section 3.6.1 Single Line Diagrams has a list of common relay definitions according to ANSI standards. Am I missing something here?
  4. I passed my P.E exam October 2019 but it was a beast! I'm selling all of the study material that I used. All are in great shape, just gently used during my study time. They include: NCEES Power PE Practice Questions AND Complex Imaginary Tests 1-4 AND Engineering PRO Test. So 6 Practice Tests all worked in detail, and sorted by subject matter. This was a lifesaver on the test. I was able to turn quickly to a topic to refresh my memory if there was a similar sample question. This was amazingly helpful since I was able to complete some questions in under 1 minute instead of 6 whi
  5. Does anyone have the NEC 2017 Handbook and/or the NESC book that they would sell? The price for these books new is absurd.
  6. I have several materials for sale related to the Power PE exam. I used all of these resources in varying degrees as part of my exam prep and received my PASS. Many were brought in to the exam room with me. I also have some leftover FE Electrical materials as well. Shoot me a PM if you are interested in any of them. PayPal for payment. Free Shipping. Will consider offers. Electrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems by Theodore Wildi $25 NCEES Practice Exam $10 (Problems have my worked solutions) Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam 2nd. Edition by
  7. Taking the Exam My method of taking the exam was to work problems I knew how to do first. I marked those with an A. Then, when I came across a code question I would mark it with a star, mark questions I think I knew how to do with a B, and mark questions I didn’t know what to do with a C. After going through all the questions answering only the ones I felt good on first, I then went through and worked B questions. If I ended up figuring it out, I changed the B to an A, if I had to make an educated guess I left it as a B. I then worked code questions. If I found the answer, I changed the s
  8. I have complex imaginary PE power practice exam volume 1-4 for sale $80 . It has 3 questions circled. Other than that it like new (Sold)
  9. Anybody want to share their failure scores with me? I'm trying to figure out about how close I need to get to pass. I failed, and made a 46/80. I'm only 6 months out of college and into my career as a Power engineer at a G&T Utility company. I kind of want to take it again in April, but my gut feeling says to wait a year to get more experience. I won't be eligible to get my license until 2022 anyways. Any suggestions on if I should wait/how hard it will be for me to get my score up in a year's time?
  10. Anyone took the test today? I took it in MO. Would love to hear how you guys felt about it to calm my anxiety haha. Did you feel like you nailed it? Which session was harder?
  11. Looking to sell my reference items. - Printed out 2017 NESC in 3-ring binder - $20 - Art and Science of Protective Relaying printed/binded - $20 - Protective Relay Principles by Sleva - $20 - 2011 NCEES practice exam with no marks - $15 - GT Binder - $300 - PE Review course notes and hand written reference notes - $300 - Wildi book (no marks-paperback edition) - $30 - PPI practice exam book (no marks) - $20 - CI Volumes 1-4 book (no marks) + Drill book - $90 - Graffeo (lots of markups in it) - $15 Everything - $700 Make reasonable offer if you want to bundle up dif
  12. Hi, I am planning to take the Power PE Exam in October, 2019. Just wanted to see who else is on the same route and how you guys are preparing. Thanks.
  13. All those taking exam in Sacramento, California Area. Wondering where is the usual exam location for Power PE? Thanks.
  14. I am looking for more sample problems to do. I have done: The Electrical Engineering Guide to Passing the Power PE Exam by Alexander Graffeo NCEES PE electrical and computer engineering power practice exam (November 2014) Power Practice Exams by John Camara, PE 3rd Edition Power Practice Problems for Electrical and Computer PE Exam: A Companion to the Power Reference Manual by John Camara 2nd Edition Where can I get more problems, but I also dont want to do the same questions, for the Power PE Exam? I am open to doing it online.
  15. I passed April 2018 PE exam. I have all qualifications and submitted all required documents. My submitted check was cashed early/mid June. Does anyone know how long does it take to get approved? Should I expect to get an email when it’s approved? I’d appreciate any inputs.
  16. Hi everyone! Does anyone have complex imaginary sets and drill code books for sale? Thanks
  17. Hi everyone! Does anyone have complex imaginary sets and drill code books for sale? Thanks
  18. Hi, Does anyone have the electrical power pe references? please reach me out 2107580766 or thanks
  19. Hello, I am from Lubbock, Texas. Preparing for the 2019 Electrical Power PE Exam. I have found couple of good advice in this forum. I hope to get more ideas and suggestions from you guys. Thanks.
  20. I have been on this forum gathering tips and advice from people that failed in the past and i used it to prepare myself for this exam in April. Unfortunately i didn't pass either. I had the key study materials that i got really familiar with and i was very confident going into the exam but came out feeling defeated. I don't want to say i had a bad test day but i fee like studying for 4 hours a day 5 days a week for 3 full months should have gotten me more than ready for this exam. I even cut out distractions like games, going out drinking and devoted my entire time to prepping for this exam. I
  21. Since Wildi's book is widely recommended for power PE exam I have been focusing on rotating machine chapters on this book till chapter 17 (synchronous machine). I was wondering what are the other chapters to study from this book. I don't want to bogged down on this book for less important topics and lose valuable study time (from a busy work schedule).
  22. If we follow last year’s pattern, the results will come out next Monday!!! This wait will eventually kill me.
  23. As you may know, NCEES has changed their Power PE outline. I have outlined the changes below. I think the biggest change is the increase in possible Protection problems from 8 to 13. New NCEES Outline: 1. Measurement & Instrumentation: Reduced the number of problems from 6 problems to 4 problems. Removed VOM metering and Wattmeters as a subtopic. 2. Applications: Changed topic name from Special Applications to Applications. Same number of problems. Added lighting energy efficiency and gro
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