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Found 20 results

  1. Hello Members, The discussion on Surveying classes, books are quite old on the forum and was wondering if anyone of had recent experience with the test and prep classes in 2020. I am looking for recommendations for Surveying in terms of books, classes etc. And also any general rule of thumb wrt to gap between the seismic and surveying test?
  2. I worked on a project where there were 2 licensed PEs supervising my work. Both of them agreed to be a reference for my PE application. Is it fine if I have them do so, but the projects will be the same on the application? The wording on the application instructions are a bit confusing to me.. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
  3. I worked on a project where there were 2 licensed PEs supervising my work. Both of them agreed to be a reference for my PE application. Is it fine if I have them do so, but the projects will be the same on the application? The wording on the application instructions are a bit confusing to me.. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
  4. plainjane


    Hi all! I just passed the California State Surveying Exam for Civil Engineers, and therefore am no longer in need of the references that I used. I'm selling a Mansour reference manual and practice exam booklet as well as a "Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms", all of which I feel really helped with my studying and during the test! Depending on shipping, I'm willing to let all 3 references go for around $100. The reference manual has been highlighted a bit and has some notes made inside. The exam booklet has been fully completed, but using pencil so it's reusable
  5. Hello All, The engagement record has 4 sections in Part A which I need to fill. They are: 1. Description of Engineering Tasks & Duties 2. Level of Responsibility. 3. Description of Engineering Decisions Made 4. Projects My questions is, I have 28 months of experience under 1 engagement and all my references are from the same office. I have worked under them for different projects where they supervised my work, reporting to the owner of the firm and even I have worked most of the time reporting directly to the owner of the firm Item 1,2,3,4
  6. Hi all, I have a question for all of you who are non-US citizens and applied for the FE / PE exam in California. California requires all foreign applicants to provide a ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) on the application form in place of the Social Security Number. The ITIN can be requested to the IRS using Form W-7. My question is: What reason for requesting an ITIN did you provide on IRS Form W-7? (see screenshot below) I submit Form W-7 months ago and the IRS got back to me saying I am not eligible because I'm requesting the ITIN for an
  7. All those taking exam in Sacramento, California Area. Wondering where is the usual exam location for Power PE? Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, For those who may ask for it, below the steps I went through to obtain the CA PE license. Discipline: Mechanical. 04/05/19 - Took NCEES 8 hour exam 05/14/19 - Received results notice from NCEES. Passed 8 hour. 05/20/19 - Mailed my application package for licensure via USPS priority mail (with a tracking number) 05/21/19 - CA BPELSG received my application package (tracked with tracking number) 05/29/19 - CA BPELSG cashed the check in my application package 07/29/19 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that my application package was te
  9. Hello, I finally have enough years of experience to start submitting my PE Application! Yay! However I am stuck. I'm unsure of how to phrase my previous 1 year of experience during my time in a consulting firm. I didn't do design, but I was part of project management. Will this not count as experience towards my PE application? I'm not sure what "key words" I should be using. How specific should I be in the "decisions made" section? Thank you for any suggestions.
  10. Background: I hold a technology degree that I completed in 2015 (Electro-mechanical, TAC/ABET) and I earned this through part-time attendance starting in 2008. I began working in industry, under licensed PE's in 2011 (for what it's worth, NCEES has approved my pre-graduation experience as qualifying in my record). Prior to this I was an electrician for 5 years. I am working on my CA application now that I've passed the exam and intend to use my degree for the education time credit. My concern is that my initial title in my engagement records is 'Sr. Engineer' and rapid promotions are
  11. Hi Last year I passed all my test and got my PE. And I've been thinking about getting my PLS, since at the company that I work at we do have a surveying department and I do get to write some legal descriptions and do some subdivision and easement maps. Whats your input on this? Is it it something I should pursue? If so Do you know a good prep course? Thanks.
  12. Used for self study and pass CA PE Survey exam. I took notes with pencil. I didn't mark answers of practice problems so you can still test yourself and check out correct answers later.
  13. Does anyone know whether if it is allowed to bring in a binder with reference pages inside sheet protectors? The reference material itself wouldn't be 3-hole punched but the sheet protector covering it would be. I know that sleeves or stapled material is not okay but couldn't find anything on this situation- unless sheet protectors are considered "sleeves".
  14. How long does it take to hear back from Sacramento after sending EIT application?
  15. I am preparing for the California Geotechnical Engineer (GE) examination and have not had much luck finding resources (i.e., sample exams) or recommendations on study materials. Any recommendations or thoughts on how best to prepare? For those that have taken the test - how difficult is the exam? Was the challenge technical expertise or time management on the test?
  16. Hi all, I have passed the FE exam, and I am applying for the EIT certificate. I noticed that the minimum requirement to apply for EIT in CA is "Three or more years of postsecondary (college level) engineering education, OR Three or more years engineering-related work experience, OR A combination of the two that total three or more years." My background is: 1. Bachelor of Arts, Major: Environmental Science, Minor: Pre-Engineering, 4 years 2. Master of Science in Civl and Environmental Engineering, 1.5 years 3. No engineering work experience I was wondering if I am
  17. I am in need of a study group and find it to be very effective, especially to help with questions (in addition to review courses, CERM, etc.). I even have a schedule in mind to share. Is anyone willing to form a study group for the PE - Civil (Transportation)? Please message me and hopefully we can try to set something up. Thanks.
  18. I'm trying to get an FE Waiver in CA and have a few questions and I'm wondering if anyone here can help as I'm waiting for a phone call back from the board. I'm an EE with over 20 years of experience in an exempt environment. So this translates to having only one reference that has a stamp and a true struggle to find sups/managers that aren't dead or retired (I wish I was joking about the dead part sadly). 1. "In responsible charge" seems to be a licensed PE term/classification. How do I translate this for my exempt references? The application says (
  19. Hi all, I took the Civil FE for the first time last week and was pretty confident about it. I studied only for about 3 weeks (during my winter break) about 5-6 hours a day. I created a solid study plan and focused my time on my stronger subjects (Transpo, Hydraulics, Geotech, Env, Mathematics, Ethics and Construction). I mainly used the videos from Marshall University and my FE prep book (FE Civil Review - Michael Lindeburg) to brush up on old subjects. I was also pretty familiar with the cheat sheet thats given on the test, I used it during my studying and knew where everything was
  20. Hello everyone! Like a lot of people here, I'm applying to take my PE Exam and ran into a little trouble with the engagement/references portion of the application. The preface: an individual who agreed to be my reference reviewed some samples of my work (they aren't part of the office I work at) asked for me to send the relevant paperwork to their address. After 2 weeks of not receiving the paperwork back in my snail-mail inbox, I wrote a quick email to them to confirm they received my paperwork; that was this past Tuesday. I still have not heard any response, unfortunately. The ques
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