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    NJ Application Status - Stuck Pending

    Took me around 2 months to get NJ license approved. Applied on 1/27 (comity application) and was approved on 3/20. Good luck.
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    MDM PE Exam Results (Passed)

    I would say that majority of the questions can be solved using the NCEES manual. Some are conceptual based though and you can't rely on the manual for that since the manual only covers the equations and not the actual concepts/theory behind it. If you're confident in everything that's in the...
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    Submitting an Application for NY PE Exam

    As far as I know, if you're applying using your NCEES record, you can only enter it in the NCEES system with that 700 word limit. I submitted my NY license application last month and was just approved this week. I submitted everything through the NCEES record and didn't have any issues with the...
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    MDM PE Exam Results (Passed)

    Took my 2nd attempt at the MDM PE exam a couple of weeks ago and found out this week that I passed. Joining this forum a few months ago allowed me to get into the right mindset for taking the exam, so thank you to anyone who shared their experience or provided any tips. I do have to say, it's...
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    Early 2023 PE exam

    1. a. You can access the reference handbooks from your NCEES account. Just go to your dashboard after logging in and navigate to Common Tasks>Useful Documents> View Reference handbooks. See screenshot below. b. I took the PE MDM and we only have one reference for that so not sure how you are...
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    Pearson CBT exam interface practice

    Hi @dilleyb72 , I just took the FE exam last month. I don't know if there is a place to see the exact CBT testing environment but I will try to describe it as best as I can remember. The layout itself was pretty similar to your screenshot, two "windows" side by side, except there was no...