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    Civil Surveying Review Workshop Book

    2021 Surveying workbook, practice problems, quizzes, and exam by Reza Mahallati. This is the one material i used to study before and used during the exam. Book is currently selling for $150, I am asking $90, and buyer pays shipping. Please note there are handwritten solutions adjacent to the...
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    Seismic Study Materials for Sale

    Hi I have the following two seismic studying materials for sale below: 1) Hiner Seismic Design Review Workbook (current codes) for sale ($80 firm and buyer covers shipping cost). The book has a lot of handwritten notes that I made during my time studying for the exam. I passed seismic on the...
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    Reza Surveying Workbook for Sale

    Hello I have a Reza Mahallati Surveying Workbook (includes practice problems, quizzes, and exams). The book has a lot of personal notes that I took in the book during my studying. Overall, I studied for the surveying exam over a 3 week period using only this workbook and passed. The majority of...