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    Article on Concern of SE Exam Transition to Computer Based Test

    And this, folks, is why states have adopted SE licensure.
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    Passed SE, now what?

    I'm never going to fault anyone for furthering their education on their own time. But from the words used in your original post, it's not clear whether you're interested in developing skills, or collecting certifications. There is a huge difference. One is person-oriented, and the other is...
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    Illinois SE Certificate

    No. You download and print your own certificate in Illinois.
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    Passed SE, now what?

    Congratulations on passing the SE! Now, this is just my perception, but it seems like your focus is more on collecting licenses and certifications, rather than developing in your career. Like I said, that could just be my perception. But it bears asking which one is the horse, and which one...
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    Attorney with liberal arts background looking to take FE Exam

    Understand that "FE" is the Fundamentals of Engineering. The exam is designed to test everything you are expected to learn in an undergraduate engineering curriculum. In other words, people spend four years (or more) learning the concepts covered on this exam. Just know that your insistence...
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    Article on Concern of SE Exam Transition to Computer Based Test

    Me, I'm too far in. I'm not qualified to do anything else. It's structural design, or starting my own hot dog cart. You younger folks still have time to save yourselves! ;-)
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    Article on Concern of SE Exam Transition to Computer Based Test

    You say that as if a career in structural engineering isn't discouraging and frustrating in itself! :-)
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    Pe Exam Passed and will need four licensed PE to put as Reference.

    If a state requires that you have four years work experience to be licensed as a PE, then you need four years work experience--with or without a California PE license. I assure you that New York will reject an application for licensure by Comity, since you do not meet the minimum requirements...
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    PA License Requirements/Comity

    You'd have to ask the Pennsylvania Board for clarification. Pennsylvania isn't going to issue you an EIT certificate for an exam you passed in another state. On the other hand, Pennsylvania can't force Delaware to institute EIT certification either. For what it's worth, I passed the FE exam...
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    TMS 402/602 2016 Edition

    If you are in the practice of designing buildings, this Code will make an excellent addition to your permanent library.
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    SE Exam Design Standards - AASHTO Specification

    Not to be *too* curmudgeonly, but I sure hope no one from AASHTO sees this thread. I don't think they'd be thrilled to see their copyright being repeatedly violated. In a profession that is supposed to have high ethical standards, this is discomfiting.
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    Ethics- Looking for opinion if anyone has been in this situation?

    Your state's Laws & Rules most likely have a paragraph pertaining to Successor Engineers. Read that. Wherever your seal is affixed, you are taking ownership of that work. If you have to think about it, don't do it. Business and personal don't mix. You wouldn't stay at your job if the...
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    SE Buildings Vertical & Lateral - Fall 2022

    I second this. I did take both exams in the same weekend, studying for 9 months beforehand, and the exam was still a demoralizing process. If you think you can fit 300-400 hours of study into 4 months, God bless you. Something's going to give, whether it be job, personal life, sleep, sanity...
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    Ethics- Looking for opinion if anyone has been in this situation?

    I'd be extremely careful with this. Not only is it clear whether this actually needs to be sealed, but (1) the survey was prepared by someone not under your responsible charge (2) the design and details were prepared by someone not under your responsible charge and (3) you're proposing to not...
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    SE April 2022 Exam Results Thread

    They usually wait until all exam takers have reached their breaking point of anxiety and self-doubt, and then unleash the results Well, at least you don't have to wait for CTS anymore!
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    SE April 2022 Exam Results Thread

    I'm crusty enough that when I took the PE exam, we had to wait just over two months to receive our exam results *in the mail* from the state board. And since this was the period before state boards accepted NCEES Records as part of your initial exam application, we had to mail hard copies of...
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    Engineering Ethics - Did I overreact? underreact?

    It's your behind on the line, so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. You acted appropriately. Was it your direct supervisor who attempted to coerce you into sealing drawings? The only thing I might add is, you may wish to document the specifics of this event in the form of a written...
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    It just never clicks for me

    I understand all of that, and there is certainly nothing wrong with pushing yourself to be a better engineer. Sure, obtaining licensure can be seen as a "checklist" item, but the amount of work involved goes far beyond that of an ordinary "task", and licensure is certainly something that isn't...
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    It just never clicks for me

    You have answered your own question. Maybe this is just me getting old and cranky, but I don't understand why people (in decoupled exam states) are feeling the need to pass the PE exam as quickly as humanly possible. These exams were designed for engineers with a minimum of four years work...
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    Please help with the additional Credit required for Science

    If you need to be licensed in Illinois, it reasons that you have to fulfill the requirements set by the Illinois PE board. What options did they give you? Can you take a college-level class (which may also count for continuing education credit in Texas)? Note that NCEES is an organization...