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    What do you do that is not engineering?

    I haven't been to Batavia, but I know of it. It's just east of Buffalo, which I have been there before.
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    What do you do that is not engineering?

    Lately I've had an interest in places in New York State other than NYC. I like to explore on Google Maps.
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    PE Power 522 pf

    With pf = 0.95 lag, the power angle is 18.19 degrees. power angle = voltage angle - current angle If the voltage angle is referenced as 0 degrees, then current angle must be -18.19 degrees. 0 - -(18.19) = 18.19
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    Clarification regarding 30 Degree Phase shift between Phase to Phase and Phase to ground voltages

    In general, as you said the line-to-line voltages lead the line-to-neutral voltages by 30 degrees. This is assuming a balanced, positive-sequence ABC system. If the phase angles are not given, usually (arbitrarily) Van is referenced at 0 degrees. Vab leads Van by 30 degrees. Vbc leads Vbn by...
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    Planning on taking CBT, studying advice

    2 highly recommended practice exam sets: -Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review -Justin Kauwale's Engineering Pro Guides, PE Power
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    Help with Single Phase PE Sample Question

    Because for 1-phase circuits, there is current going both to the load (through the supply/hot conductor) and then back to the source (through the neutral conductor). So both conductors have a voltage drop because of the current (V = IZ). In a balanced 3-phase circuit, only the supply/hot...
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    Help with Sample PE Power Exam Illumination Question

    Luminous flux is in lumens (lm). Illuminance (typically called E, although I guess the NCEES reference book uses I) is given in footcandles or lux. Footcandles (fc) is lumens over square foot (lm/ft^2). Lux (lx) is lunens over square meters (lm/m^2). So I guess one way to look at that NCEES...
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    Help with Sample PE Power Exam Illumination Question

    It's been a bit of a long time since I posted here with solutions, so I am a bit rusty. Attached is what I have. For lighting illumination problems, I prefer using this formula I first learned from the Complex Imaginary PE Power exam sets: Luminous Flux = (FC * Area) / (CU * MF) It may also...
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    Electrical and Computer: Power P.E. Exam Study Question

    We highly recommend Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review and Justin Kauwale's Engineering Pro Guides.
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    Are the John Camara books worth it?

    If anything, I would just use the Camara books for the 2 practice exams at the end of the books. I would not use it for studying content. (This is the first time in a long while that I'm posting on this board.)
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    How much time does it take for you to complete each practice exam?

    Backing up what Dothracki said above, I highly recommend doing Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review full (80 questions) practice exam and Justin Kauwale's Engineering Pro Guides exams. Without giving too much away, these practice exams are pretty (fairly) difficult for those who are just beginning...
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    Sorry to hear about these issues you're facing. Best of luck in your exam! Do what you can to persevere and stay strong.
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    Planning on taking CBT, studying advice

    Good luck! Feel free to browse this forum and ask for help when you need it.
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    How to study for the CODE book.

    I would say maybe take a day or a few days to work on practice problems that specifically refer to the NEC from the practice exams you have. Do them repeatedly until you are comfortable at least with the typical NEC sections (mostly Articles 210, 220, 240, 250, 310, 430, Chapter 9 Tables off the...
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    Passed PE Power Exam

    Congratulations! You deserve to pat yourself on the back and take some time to relax after having taken this exam.
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    Power PE 61

    The key word in this problem is "instantaneously". Instantaneous basically means no time delay, or zero time delay.
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    Planning on taking CBT, studying advice

    Another thing I like to do is flag any questions you are having a tough time me. I flag the questions I have trouble with by marking them with a red asterisk (or sometimes a green asterisk if the question seems easy but I made a mistake that I should be aware of next time). Focus on the tougher...
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    PE exam application

    No, I did not. Not at the time of my application.
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    PE exam application

    Yes. Mine was paperwork. This includes the different individual forms that I had to mail out to my schools and give to my workplace at the time.
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    PE exam application

    From my experience, I first submitted my PE exam paperwork on late August 2019 and received approval on mid November 2019. This is just my experience though, and others may have varying wait times for approval to take the exam...