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    April 2021 SE Exam Results Thread

    so.....who's got digital copies of the new codes for October to share??
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    April 2021 SE Exam Results Thread

    Do you guys know if they send the email with result notice and update your MyNCEES page pretty simultaneously? Or in the past has one been done slightly before the other?
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    Study group for April 2021 exam-16 hour Structural Building

    I'll be taking it then :)  I signed up for the PPI prep course (only because my company said okay to paying for it lol).  So that starts January 19th....but I got all the study materials and codes printed this past weekend so I was going to start reviewing casually in the next few weeks.
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    ASCE Errata & Supplements

    So this is my main question here - I know there is a supplement added to the third printing...but is that actually used for reference on the SE test?? The NCEES reference list just states "ASCE 7-10 Third Printing" and doesn't mention the supplements.  Whereas for other codes they specify WITH...
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    ASCE Errata & Supplements

    Third Printing of ASCE 7-10 is currently used for reference for the exams. I have the first printing only, unfortunately.  So I know to print the first Supplement (17 pages; changes to Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 23, C7), and the expanded seismic commentary (135 pages). But does anyone...
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    AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications 7th Edition

    @Manufacturingman  did either of you ever get this??
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    Studying for SE while working

    Yeah - it's funny I hadn't even previously considered time off as an option.  I think everyone I know who took it kept working full time while studying.  But then I found out my partner just assumed I'd be taking time off and was shocked when I said I wasn't planning to lol.  He just recently...
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    Studying for SE while working

    Hello all -  I was curious if pretty much everyone studies for the SE while still working a full-time 40(+) hour per week job?  Did you (or anyone you know) take time off to study, or go to part time for a bit? I know study times significantly vary per person, it was the same for the PE.  But...