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    Compensation $

    To all the experienced and skilled group members, I am looking forward to your valuable suggestions. How much ($) an electrical engineer with 10 years of experience in Texas state should get. It will be a new job for me in the USA, and I got a few job offers, so I wondered how much I should...
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    Job advice

    To all the beautiful and intelligent peoples out there Looking for some insightful suggestions. I am an Electrical engineer with 10 years of experience in the hydropower industry. I am PE, PMP certified, LEED BD+C and LEED O+M professional. I have my expertise outside the USA. For 4 years, I...
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    PE License in Texas state

    It took more than a month from admin review to Techincal review to complete and total time my application took 7 weeks. I am glad you are working on your patience. I know its hard to wait but all the best for your wait :-). I hope you will hear the good new soon,
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    Study Advice for PE Power exam

    Even for me I took Zach Course and watched his every video countless time till my mind got the concepts and believe me every time I watched them I learned something new. One thing I make sure that I don't follow the other people's guidance about the time span. Its your journey so take your time...
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    PE License in Texas state

    I won't be able to answer the question as I didn't apply out of state. All the best for your process.
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    PE License in Texas state

    I got my application approved and I got my seal too. Thanks to all community members for their support and guidance.
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    4th time the charm

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    PE License in Texas state

    No I didn't send it twice but I am still waiting for my PE License to approve...its technical review is still pending.
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    PE License in Texas state

    You can submit your references and work experience through NCEES ; that's what I did.
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    PE License in Texas state

    Yes you rightly said my application is in administrative review! I am also assuming that It may going to take one and half month more.
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    PE License in Texas state

    Yes I did One month back.
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    PE License in Texas state

    I have applied for PE License in Texas state through NCEES online and also paid $75 fees. It will be 2 months now on 18th Dec. and I didn't heard from them back. Can anyone guide me that do I have to send them any documents online or by post? I have emailed them also but I havn't heard from...
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    Planning on taking CBT, studying advice

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    PE License in Texas state ( Supplementary Experience Record )

    I am looking for some expert advice on this :) I am applying for PE License (Power) in Texas state. I am writing Supplementary Experience Record. Being a foreign student I need to write-up the experience for 8 years. How many pages one need to show the experience or how elaborate should be the...
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    PE License experience requirement

    Hi! I have come across this line " Professional engineers who have not worked with you may review and judge your documented experience and serve as a licensed engineer reference" Does that mean A person outside your organization can also be your reference for PE reference requirement. Can...
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    PE License

    I passed my PE Power exam and currently I am not working due to my visa status but I do have 10 years of experience outside US but unfortunately that's not under a PE and now I am in Texas. My questions are Do any state board give PE license without experience under a PE? How can I approach any...
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    Passed PE Power Exam

    I thank you all wholeheartedly @akyip , @DuranDuran PE and @Dothracki PE without your previous discussions It would n't been possible to get it done through!
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    Passed PE Power Exam

    I am happy to share that I passed my PE Power Exam today. I was enrolled in Zach Stone, P.E. course. His Live classes along with online module really helped me to prepare for passing the PE exam. I am highly thankful to the Zach Stone, P.E and this board ( I used this board extensively for...
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    Problem 530 (NCEES)

    It means Primary is 12.47kV ( Delta) and secondary is 480V (Y connection) 480V Line voltage and 277 is Line to Neutral Voltage.
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    Eng. Pro Final Exam Problem 12

    Eng. Pro Final Exam Problem 12 : As per my knowledge primary is connected in Delta and secondary is connected in Star. During single line to ground fault on one phase of star connection other two phase i.e b and c will be zero. Since primary and secondary is linked so there will be no flow of...