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  1. nart

    For Sale Selling Seismic and Surveying books

    I am selling these books. Let me know if interested. Hiner (SOLD) Ibrahim for $60 includes shipping Reza for $90 includes shipping Lots of highlights and notes written in pencil. I pushed back and forth many times on the desk during practice that the back cover is gone. Updated 11-27-2022
  2. nart

    Sold Selling Reza Civil Surveying Review Workshop Book 2021 - $80

    Like new condition 80 bucks DM if interested
  3. nart

    CA Surveying & Seismic Application Status

    I have received an email 2 weeks ago stating that the board has technically approved my application and that if take home exam and fingerprint requirements are fulfilled, then I would receive email notification that allows for exam registration. Anyone familiar with the time gap between...
  4. nart

    Reza Mahallati's Civil Surveying Review Workshop 2010 vs 2020

    I have an old version (2010). Is it worth it to purchase Reza Mahallati's Civil Surveying Review Workshop 2020? How much of a difference between the two? Thanks
  5. nart

    not sure if I'm new

    Just found out that I had made an account on EngineerBoards last year. This is my first attempt at networking in search of opportunity. Wish me luck guys! and good luck to you all!